Initial Planting

I might have gotten ahead of myself at the end of my last post (Research and Prep Work);I posted a picture of our fully planted garden at the end of the post, but I didn’t really explain how we got from buying plants at the nursery to getting them in the ground. Here’s the long and short of it…

We picked up all of the seedlings at Green Gardens in the morning, and went about getting them in the ground after work. Truth be told, we only spent about 5 minutes talking about how we wanted to plant everything. In hindsight, that was a pretty big mistake. We started by putting the 3 tomato plants towards the back of the plot in a triangle. Rumor has it that basil and tomatoes grow well together, so we placed basil between each vertex of the triangle, creating a happy little tomato-basil ecosystem. Next, I put in the zucchini, jalepeno and bell pepper while Molly planted what was left of the basil. By this point we realized that we didn’t have quite as much space as we thought we had, so we squeezed the lettuce in some columns in the space that was left and thew the cucumber in the middle of everything. We also retroactively designated some of the free space as walking paths so that we could access everything later. Once we finished, this is what we had:

Our initial attempt at planting the garden

Our initial attempt at planting the garden

Looking back, we really should have spent some time planning the layout of the garden, like Nas and Emily did for their garden. The zucchini probably doesn’t have the room that it needs, we have too much basil, and we compacted some of the dirt by walking around the plot before we had specific walkways. But with that said, most everything seemed to be doing fine after a couple of days, so we couldn’t have screwed it up too badly!

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2 Responses to Initial Planting

  1. Emily says:

    You quoted us, fun! 🙂 Haha. Nice work on the blog, Nas told me about your garden progress. I can’t tell from your picture how much space you put between the plants there. The zucchini in particular is a horizontal space hog… we ended up putting about 20″ (just over a foot and a half) on all sides of each zucchini/squash plant and they still grew like crazy all over the place – it was like a jungle by mid-June. That being said, I’m sure either way if you guys have nice weather that you’ll end up with some great veggies. Good luck!

  2. Sean says:

    Hey Emily, thanks for visiting our blog! We *might* have given the zuchini and squash something like 10″ in each direction – we only have a 10′ x 10′ plot, so I don’t think we could afford to give it much more than that. I’m hoping that shorter and cooler days will help keep the growth manageable, but it could very well be a lost cause!

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